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When insulin can’t be produced naturally, it can be replaced with artificial analogs. A similar solution exists for IGF-1, a growth factor congruent to insulin. It is responsible for muscle and bone growth at the early stages of development. The injection of Increlex, also known as mecasermin, can be successfully used to replace the missing IGF-1 for the body’s developmental support.

Increlex is often the substance of choice when primary IGF-1 deficiency is diagnosed. However, it can’t replace the growth hormone in its entirety, and you should buy Increlex only after collecting medical evidence of its applicability.

It has been proven that the drug can generate the following positive effects on animals’ bodies and metabolism:

  • Accelerated lipid breakdown speeds up muscle, bone, and tissue growth.
  • Trauma regeneration is faster, including following micro-muscle damage after training sessions.
  • The skeleton becomes sturdier, reducing the recurrence chances of the related traumas during training sessions and adding to endurance due to the faster division of cells.
  • Animals can have increased performance and speed.

Always use Increlex with medical evidence to ensure it causes no harm.

Unfortunately, the medication can’t be injected under certain circumstances. You should inform your vet about the following conditions of your animal to avoid life-threatening outcomes:

  • The animal gains or loses too much weight over a short period.
  • They consume more water than normal.
  • Your animal has poor stamina and severe muscle issues.
  • You have recently noticed signs of colic or laminitis.
  • Triglyceride levels are too high.

Any of these symptoms may trigger severe health problems if Increlex is injected alone or with other substances.

If you’re 100% sure it is safe to use Increlex in your case, feel free to order it from Horse Medication Shop. The medicine comes from a trusted pharmaceutical manufacturer, ensuring its effectiveness and quality. Besides, we track the Increlex price across the market to keep it competitive.


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