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Ingredients Phosphatidylcholine 1,000mg
Application part Body
Packing unit 1 kit of 10ml x 10 vials (ampoule)
Description Melting product of subcutaneous fat. 

It is applied at intervals of 14-15 days.

Designed for easier and faster body care by choosing raw materials made in Germany that are known for their safety, potency and 99.8% purity.

Country of origin Republic of Korea


LIPO LAB  PPC Solution is a safe and effective fat resolving product made of high-quality raw materials. Its main ingredient is an extremely purified PPC sodium deoxycholate which can boost metabolism, dissolve fat and increase the patient’s energy levels. This reliable fat melter is a more affordable, easier and time-efficient alternative to other weight management solutions such as surgery, allowing for effective care of the body.

With a raw material purity of 99.8% and deoxycholate purity levels set at 98%, Lipo Lab is one of the safest and most effective fat dissolving products in existence today. It offers fast subcutaneous fat removal. It fights obesity in two main ways – by speeding up metabolism and melting the fat tissues in a natural and health-friendly manner. This fantastic PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) lipo solution can also increase the elasticity of the skin and remove cellulite. The recommended treatment with this product requires one injection treatment with a 10-day interval between each session.

Unlike liposuction, a fat melting treatment with Lipo Lab PPC Solution is not expensive and it does not require downtime. At the same time, it can target specific problem areas. What is more, the application of this top-notch fat resolving production does not include pain or discomfort. This gives the lipo product an advantage over mesotherapy products which are usually combined with local anesthetics. Also, while most other injectables only succeed in reducing the size of fat cells, this masterpiece completely dissolves them. This means that there is no danger of a yo-yo effect.

  • German-made high-purity raw materials
  • Japanese-made deoxycholate with purity of 99% and more
  • Gamma-irradiated
  • Complies with international quality & health standards
  • Helps to solve the obesity of patients (combined with diet and exercise)

All products are shipped directly from Korea all around the world. Shipping costs are determined by weight, volume, and delivery country.

How to use:

2 vials of Lipo Lab & 1 vial of lipase (Hyaluronidase) with 20ml syringe.


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